Planned Giving at Church of the Holy Spirit

Stained_Glass_Ship_at_seaThe Planned Giving Committee is preparing for the first half of 2013. The congregation has responded to the annual Stewardship call to support the financial requirements for the calendar year 2013, and now the Planned Giving Committee is reviewing financial programs to support our future years.

The Committee extends a special thanks to the late Mrs. Frances Nickerson for her financial contribution to the Church of The Holy Spirit. Over the years, Frannie was a major supporter providing her time, talent, and treasure on numerous occasions, including the years during which she provided a “Guiding Hand” as Chair of the Altar Committee, as well as answering calls as the receptionist in the church reception room.

We also send our thanks to the fifty parishioners who have indicated their commitment to support the Planned Giving Program by including the church in their financial and their estate plans.

Members of the committee also extend a fond farewell to Anne Wardrop as she steps down as Chair of the committee. Anne was instrumental in establishing the Planned Giving Program in 2008. Her vision for our parishioners to provide future financial support for the church has proven to be very timely indeed. We welcome two new members to the P. G. Committee; John Holmes, a former church Treasurer and Sue Sasso, Chair of the Stewardship Committee.

Respectfully submitted, Wes Dreher, Chair

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