OUR FUTURE BEGINS…Stewardship 2022

Dear Members and Friends of the Church of the Holy Spirit,

As has been said, it is stewardship time in the parish. The time when we look forward to the year 2022. The time when we reflect on all the varied and valued ministries of our parish.

We have called our campaign: OUR FUTURE BEGINS!

We know that CHS has a long and good history. It is, like all parishes, one that has witnessed times of upheaval, world, national, local and personal. Through those times the solid, collective faith of the parish held firm and its members were supported and carried by the message of hope proclaimed time and again in worship. We know too the history of how this fledgling parish addressed the needs of folks in Orleans: planting and cultivating the housing seeds of Orleans first affordable housing, known as Tonset Woods and sponsorship of homes by Habitat for Humanity. Outreach support of programs and agencies is long. Not to ignore the internal hospitality offered at times of weddings and bereavements … special receptions at Baptisms, and the list goes on.

We now are in a transition time to OUR FUTURE.

Now the challenge comes; to sustain our ministries; to support our budget for 2022, we need each and all to step up and help. We need your financial support: to pay for staff salaries and benefits, supplies for worship services, flowers for the chancel, utilities costs, insurance policies, routine maintenance of buildings and grounds, supplies for parish events such as coffee hour, and of course our generous outreach support of Diocesan and local programs and projects that serve well beyond the walls of our own.

In short, we need your financial support! The average annual pledge for 2021 was $2,372. Should you find yourself below that pledged amount we ask you to accept the challenge of moving closer to that amount. Should you find yourself above the average, we ask you to accept the challenge of a 7.5% increase. But most of all remember, “No pledge is too small or too large.” If we all do our part we can make it a successful campaign and guarantee that OUR FUTURE BEGINS on a solid financial footing.

Sincerely for the Vestry
The Stewardship Team: Georgia Schneider, Kate Paradise, Steve Koehler, Chris Crighton, Doug Fromm

To help you help us we are offering and encouraging something new for us: ONLINE GIVING.

Simply click on the GIVE NOW button and you will be taken to a secure website to make your donation to Church of the Holy Spirit. Give it a try! Would you like more help? Find specific Step-by-Step Instructions here and answers to Frequently Asked Questions here.