THE JOY OF GIVING … Stewardship 2023

Dear Members and Friends of The Church of the Holy Spirit,

We have chosen The Joy of Giving for the year’s stewardship theme, hoping that this theme informs and encourages you as you consider your pledge. Please prayerfully consider your gifts of Time, Talent, as well as Treasure to our community of faith as you look toward the coming year. Remember, your financial support is always important, and all pledges, large and small, matter.

The Pledge Card you receive in the mail will look a bit different this year. At Holy Spirit we have created many ways to give of ourselves. Many of them are listed on this year’s pledge card. So, in addition to committing your financial support, reflect upon how you might like to participate in our shared life of this faith community. We pray you will discover new ways to use your talents and energy.

As you prayerfully consider your pledge, reflect upon some personal experience of giving to another, and get in touch with the Joy that you experienced. Then, let’s share our stories and our Joys, affirming together that line from dear St. Francis, “It is in giving that we receive.” so that our shared joys become infectious.

Please consider your financial commitment to The Church of the Holy Spirit, and let us also know how you’d like to participate in the joy of sharing your TIME & TALENT. These ministries of CHS need your support, and the best communities are the ones in which everyone enjoys participating.

As we welcome our new Rector, The Reverend Patrick Ward, we are grateful for each of you and the part you play in our church. Join us in praying that all who share in our community will find new joy in this season of new commitment and service.

We are made in God’s image; is it any wonder that we should delight in generosity? We look forward to this new way of sharing with each other.

To help you help us we are offering and encouraging something new for us: ONLINE GIVING.

Simply click on the GIVE NOW button and you will be taken to a secure website to make your donation to The Church of the Holy Spirit. Give it a try! Would you like more help? Find specific Step-by-Step Instructions here and answers to Frequently Asked Questions here.


Your Stewardship Team
Nancy Boccia, Chris Crighton, Tom Dewing, John Harter, Brian Ridgeway