Over two millennia ago there was a lone voice that spoke of hope in a time when folks were desperate for hope. His words were good news to a people who needed to hear news that was good and promising of better times.

Jesus was that voice. He spoke beautiful sayings to those who gathered on a hillside to hear him gladly. He spoke to fishermen working their nets by the seaside and offered them a new vision for their lives … a future that would be a new normal, with new priorities, purpose, and meaning.

Those words of hope and promise were told to others by one telling another and another telling another; an oral narrative spread round the countryside. Later in time the oral narrative was recorded on scraps and fragments. In time these fragments were collected into and called “good news” writings … Gospels

The simple, humble words spoken by one, millennial ago, were then proclaimed around the world through sermons, homilies, at services of worship where people gathered together to hear words of
hope, words of good news of promise of better times to come.

Today all that has changed because a mysterious virus has brought a worldwide pandemic.

Worldwide, people are told to keep a “social distance”; physical distance from one another. We are mandated to stay in our homes; our streets, businesses, schools, etc. are closed … even our churches. Worship services and church activities are canceled. But the words of hope and promise are needed
now more than ever!

Thanks to the marvel of living in an age of computers, tablets and cell phones, we are able to hear the words spoken again and again…offering us the same hope and promise they did on that hillside and seaside long ago. Scripture readings, meditations, prayers, and virtual worship services come into our homes by the means of technology. Here at CHS we are staying connected through Constant Contact.

To keep the words resounding today we need your help. Simply put we need your financial support to keep the functions of the Church of Holy Spirit up and running. To help you help us we are offering and encouraging something new for us: ONLINE GIVING.

Simply click on the GIVE NOW button and you will be taken to a secure website to make your donation to Church of the Holy Spirit. Give it a try! Would you like more help? Find specific Step-by-Step Instructions here and answers to Frequently Asked Questions here.

We hope you will join together in this, even though we cannot be together at worship services. And, we look forward with aged hope and promise we will know better days ahead. Days when we can stand side by side in our beloved sanctuary, singing the hymns of our faith, offering our prayers, and hearing words of Jesus proclaimed aloud.

On behalf of the Stewardship Committee, the Vestry, and the Clergy: Douglas Fromm: Chair of Stewardship