Dear Members and Friends of the Church of the Holy Spirit,

The coronavirus has brought a halt to life as we enjoyed it. It has locked us down in our homes. We find that things thought important are now seen as not that important. On the other hand, we realize and appreciate the seemingly insignificant things of life as being ultimately important.

One thing we realize of high value in our lives is our Faith; our beliefs, values, and our church…the fellowship of kindred souls with whom we share this lifetime journey. This puts the Church of the Holy Spirit right at the heart and center of our lives, NOW and into the FUTURE.

In spite of all that has changed for us, the Church of the Holy Spirit continues its varied and vital ministries in new and creative venues. Most of us had not heard of Zoom, and now we are “Zoomers”! On line giving is a new and welcome way to continue and honor our pledge of 2020.

Important for the NOW CHURCH is the understanding, encouragement, and financial support that keeps our ministries functioning. While maintaining our ministry at 204 Monument Road, our giving continues to support the ministry and work beyond our Parish walls, often with significant increases for many in this time of critical need.

You make that happen! You keep the NOW ministry of CHS continuing in this difficult and challenging time. The Vestry and Stewardship Team offer profound thanks to you for staying the course and keeping your pledge income current so that CHS has a sound fiscal foundation.

We must also look to the FUTURE CHURCH. We do not know what changes will come and what adaptations the church will make. One thing we know is that the church will continue to be the legatee, guardian, and messenger of the Galilean Vision of Christ in a world that desperately needs that vision.

To ensure the NOW and FUTURE of our ministry we are enclosing a Pledge Card for your response in support of CHS’s ministry in 2021. We have much to look forward to; new expressions of ministry, a new Rector, and new members and fellow workers yet to be made known.

Please consider your part in this great work. Prayerfully consider your pledge support, sign, and return the enclosed card. Every pledge, all of us together, will make a difference and keep the NOW and FUTURE CHURCH a vital part of Orleans and beyond.

Sincerely for the Vestry
The Stewardship Team: Doug Fromm, Steve Koehler, Georgia Schneider, Kate Paradise, Chris Crighton

To help you help us we are offering and encouraging something new for us: ONLINE GIVING.

Simply click on the GIVE NOW button and you will be taken to a secure website to make your donation to Church of the Holy Spirit. Give it a try! Would you like more help? Find specific Step-by-Step Instructions here and answers to Frequently Asked Questions here.