Children & Youth


Our Church School program is currently on hiatus due to the coronavirus. As soon as it is safe, we hope to continue our offerings for Preschool, Elementary, Middle, and High School classes, as well as Nursery Care for infants and toddlers.s.

GODLY PLAY is offered to Kindergarten through 5th grade.

LIVING THE GOOD NEWS is offered to Middle and High School Youth who share the gospel reading of the week. Through discussion, the group expands on the gospel finding concrete ways to relate to the liturgical readings while still honoring the times in which the material was written. The group shares personal ways of connecting with and living with God, what that may look like to each in the present time while providing support to the uniqueness of each individual. The sharing of stories is always voluntary and the listening is extraordinary!
There are always two adults in each class.

We look forward to seeing you! Prior registration is not necessary. For further information call the CHS office at 508-255-0433.