Pastoral Care

The Church of the Holy Spirit has an active pastoral care program. The Pastoral Caregivers Committee meets monthly to review the pastoral care needs of parishioners and arranges support where it is needed. Its major goal is to maintain a caring presence with all members of the parish, especially with those who are confined to home, hospital, or another facility.

The Greeting Card Ministry sends cards and notes to between 25 and 35 people every month.

Living With Loss is a new support group for those mourning the death of a spouse, parent, child, or friend. Keep an eye on our calendar for current offerings.

The Men’s Lunch Group provides men with a place to share time with each other, to welcome men new to the area, and to discuss the challenges of major life changes such as retirement, illness, and bereavement. The group is open to the public. Keep an eye on our calendar for current offerings.

Eucharistic Visitors bring communion to parishioners at home, in hospitals, and in other care facilities when they are unable to attend regularly scheduled worship services. While currently on hiatus due to the coronavirus, we will resume as soon as it is safe to do so.

The Intercessory Prayer Group offers confidential, emergency prayer. Requests are accepted by members of the pastoral care committee and clergy.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry provides shawls that were knitted or crocheted by parishioners and blessed by clergy for the comfort and support of those experiencing illness or times of stress.