Front Door

History of the church

The Church of the Holy Spirit was formed on the Day of Pentecost in 1933, which gives us a rather short history compared with some. But the materials used to put our church building together have a much longer history.

The wood and other materials used to erect the church’s structure were gathered from the remains of the Chequesset Neck Inn in Wellfleet after it was tossed into the sea by one of Cape Cod’s famed Nor’easter storms. Dedicated parishioners carried the weather-torn beams and wood back to Orleans by horse and carriage, and reconstructed the building, thus giving the church its look of rugged antiquity.

Great care has been taken during church renovations to ensure that our Cape style church has retained its architectural warmth and charm. You will find that even today, parishioners continue to be actively engaged in the stewardship of the church as we continue to grow and celebrate our lives in Christ.