Dear Friends,

I was especially gratified by the active response to my sermon last Sunday, with a good number of folks seeking ways to respond to the hardships of federal employees either furloughed or working without pay during the government shutdown.

I highlighted, as one group, the burdens of those serving  in the Coast Guard (and their families), which we know, has such an important historical connection with the Cape.  In particular, junior enlisted servicepeople are at great risk during a shutdown.  Even if they are eventually paid, they have to undertake actions, now, that significantly damage their limited monetary resources in the long term.  And, as military servicemembers, unlike some others, they don’t even have the option of quitting, and doing something else.

Unfortunately, federal law limits Coast Guard members’ ability to accept help.  However, there is a legal, and very apt way we can do so:  Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (please see the link, below).


Yes, civilians may contribute!  This is a highly reputable organization that gets help to those who need it most.

So many are affected by the shutdown.  And there are different groups you might support—and different things you might do, in response.  But I offer this as a strong option, and commend it to you wholeheartedly.

Of course, it’s profoundly regrettable that we have to engage such a quandary, in the first place.  But, as the People of Jesus, let’s do what he enables—and calls—us to do.

Thanks and Blessings,
Adam Linton +

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