The Outreach Committee at Church of the Holy Spirit is responsible for distributing grants to organizations throughout the wider community, both on Cape Cod and off. Grant monies are derived from the Outreach line item in the parish budget, from Badger Fund income, and from funds raised by the First Fruits committee and the Heed fund.  We take this responsibility very seriously and carefully vet the agencies we support.  Meetings are held the first Thursday of every month at 1:30 p.m. in the Fireplace Room. Please contact any of our committee members if you have suggestions or questions. All are welcome to join.

Questions? Contact the Outreach Committee co-chairs Chip Bechtold and Phil Suraci.

Agencies that we partner with on the Cape include:

AIDS SUPPORT GROUP of CAPE COD Our Parish AIDS Ministry works closely with this group that provides a variety of services to HIV/AIDS patients and their families. They are providing help for the opioid crisis on the Cape.

AMAZING GRACE This agency provides a one-week camping experience to Cape children of incarcerated parents. St Mary’s Barnstable and the YMCA Camp Burgess in Sandwich manage the program.

BIG BROTHERS/BIG SISTERS This organization matches children 8-12 who need an adult role model, either a girl/woman or a boy/man relationship, when one is missing from the family. The process to be approved, as “Big” or a “Little” is a long one but the rewards can be excellent for both child and adult. There are CHS parishioners who are or who have been “Bigs.”

CAPE ABILITIES is a sheltered workshop allowing physically or mentally challenged people to help support themselves by working in a friendly, supportive environment.

CAPE COD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES is a consortium of 67 churches Cape wide working together to provide a variety of resources to people in need in our communities. The Hands of Hope Outreach Center provides cash assistance, clothing, and Christmas gifts for families in need in the mid-Cape area. A Baby Center provides pregnant women and mothers with children less than one year old with counseling and necessities such as food, clothing, diapers and furniture.

The Council sponsors a variety of other programs, including the Covenant to Care for Foster Families, Street Outreach, Children and Youth Task Force and chaplains in local hospitals and prisons. Our delegates represent the parish at the Council’s annual meeting and volunteers work at the Hands of Hope Outreach Center weekly. The toys brought to our Epiphany toy drive are donated to the service center for distribution the following year.

CHAMP HOUSE in Hyannis provides supportive housing in a family environment for homeless young adults (age 17 to 24), including those suffering from mental illness or substance abuse problems.

FOOD FOR KIDS is a ministry of CHS in partnership with the US Department of Agriculture. It provides nutritional lunches and snacks for needy children to make up for the absence of school lunches during summer months. Meals are made, served and distributed to children in many different sites on the Lower Cape. Also through grants, new books were distributed. Volunteers from CHS and our community worked to prepare meals in our kitchen and distribute them, working steadily 5 days a week for 9 weeks. Many others donated money and other help for which we all are most thankful.

FRIENDS OF PRISONERS provide a prison ministry in the Barnstable House of Corrections and operates a halfway house for released prisoners who do not have family or other support in the area.

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY builds homes with volunteer labor, which are sold at low cost with interest-free mortgages to first-time homebuyers who otherwise could not afford a home. Mortgage payments are recycled to build more homes. CHS parishioners have been actively involved with building area homes.

HOMELESS NOT HOPELESS Offers two homes for men and two for women at an affordable rate while they become independent by finding jobs and managing their responsibilities.

HOMELESS PREVENTION COUNCIL’s main objective is to keep people in their homes in times of financial and emotional stress. This agency is a major recipient of our church outreach funds. The council works with other advocacy groups, town agencies, and churches to help people access money, food, furniture, transportation, housing and other needs. The Church of the Holy Spirit helped establish the Council in 1990 and supports it financially and with volunteers.

HOSPITALITY HOMES provide accommodations in private homes, either free or at low cost, for families who wish to be near family members or friends in Boston hospitals.

INDEPENDENCE HOUSE provides emergency help and continuing support for women who are victims of abuse or sexual assault. Services include crisis intervention, emergency safe shelter, counseling, court advocacy, and support for rape and incest victims.

LATHAM CENTERS The Latham School began in 1970 as a therapeutic residential program for girls aged 8 – 22 who had traumatic backgrounds and behavioral issues. Since then, Latham has evolved into a coed program for children and adults with complex special needs, including PTSD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Autism, Depression, Anxiety, Learning Disabilities, and Prader-Willi Syndrome. PWS is a genetic disorder that results in lifelong cognitive limitations, behavioral issues, and an insatiable appetite. Without food-security and the proper treatment, PWS is a life-threatening condition. Latham is the only program in the country that meets the complex needs of children, youth, and adults with PWS.

LOWER CAPE OUTREACH COUNCIL is also a major recipient of our church funds. It provides emergency assistance to families and individuals in need on the Lower Cape. It supplies nine food pantries, distributes food baskets to over 900 households at Thanksgiving and Christmas, runs quarterly food distributions, Santa’s Shop (where clients can pick out toys for their children), provides free clothing at Katy’s Korner and meets household emergencies with payments for electricity, heat, medicine, rent/mortgage, insurance or transportation. They also have an additional education fund that can help adults with books or tuition payments. Many LCOC volunteers are members of our parish. In addition to financial support from the Outreach Committee, the Holy Spirit congregation contributes generously to the LCOC food pantries.

NAUSET TOGETHER WE CAN This agency is five days a week after school program for Orleans Middle School children. It provides monthly/bi-monthly evening activities for middle and high school students.

ORLEANS ELEMENTARY SUMMER SCHOOL PROGRAM The goal of the Orleans After School Program is to provide a safe, nurturing, creative and fun environment for children of working parents after school. We believe in offering a variety of activities to respond to varying ages and developmental levels, in order to correlate to the needs of our students.

The Outreach Committee provides a camp scholarship for a needy child, whose parent(s) work, during the summer months.

SAFE HARBOR provides shelter and support services to women and their children who have become homeless due to domestic violence.

UP WITH KIDS is an organization that helps chronically ill children.

YOUTH OUTREACH AND HOSPITALITY (YOH) is an action team of the Nauset Interfaith Association. Through member contacts from the three Lower Cape High Schools and a Case Manager at Homeless Prevention Council, YOH is available to all high school students and other youth and young adults on the Lower Cape in urgent need of a safe place to stay the night, funds for rent, car repairs or food. Because LGBTQ youth and youth of color are disproportionately represented in the homeless population YOH invites speakers to raise consciousness on this issue and how this might be addressed and prevented. A YOH Scholarship is awarded to one student graduating from each of the three Lower Cape High Schools each year who has been homeless, at risk, or has overcome significant adversity. Students are supported with scholarships each semester they remain in college or vocational school for up to four years.


AMERICARES A donation was made this year to support relief efforts for flood damage in the US. We have worked successfully with this agency because of their proven track record of efficiently getting aid promptly to people wherever needed.

ENDOPUTO is a primary school program in Tanzania building schools to provide clean water and education in the bush for several hundred children K-8, operating without government assistance. The first class has graduated and now most of the class is enrolled in High School. Our donations have helped in this process as we have watched in the building of the school, hiring teachers, outfitting the students, supplying books and other materials. Our parishioner Cheryl Kyle has provided critical support for this successful program for many years.

Outreach Committee Members

Chip Bechtold and Phil Suraci, Co-Chairs
Debbie Beal
Pat Carroll
Fay Cole
Sally Drew
Brooke Eaton-Skea
Bill Heuss
Judy Gardiner
Robin McLaughlin
Nancy Miller
Brian Ridgeway
Jan Roberts