Selected sermons

From time to time, we post sermons or other writings by the Rector. Be sure to let Fr. Adam know if there’s a particular sermon of his that you’d like to see posted here. You can also browse through our archive of sermons or listen to audio recordings of selected sermons.

The sermons below were written and delivered by Fr. Adam.

Grant Us O Lord To Trust In You
9 September 2018

Christ Became A Curse For Us
20 March 2016

Love Bears All Things
31 January 2016

Progress in Prayer
January 2016

Get Out There and Do Something
December 2015

No Cross Is So Extreme As To Have None
13 September 2015

Still Seeing Jesus
4 October 2015

A Teaching on Sin, With the Help of Holy Scripture, Julian of Norwich, and C.S. Lewis
Ash Wednesday 2015

Warn the Children of God of the Terrible Speed of Mercy
October 2014

The Merchant and The Pearl
27 July 2014

What Do We Mean When We Say “Resurrection?”
April 2014

24 February 2014

The Taste For Heaven
April 2013

Reading Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics
March 2013

“The Life That Really Is Life”
February 2013

“Taking Our Life in Our Hands”
Maundy Thursday 2012

“What We’re About”
December 2011

“He Was Up By Break of Day”
Easter 2011

“Seeing What’s There”
April 2011

“Breathe on Us, Breath of God”
March 2011

“Cultivations” Parish Newsletter Series (PDF)
Published in our newsletter Feb-Nov 2011

“But We See Jesus”
October 2009
Father Adam’s Inaugural Sermon as
Rector of Church of the Holy Spirit

“The Game Is Up”
March 2009

“The Benefit of Knowing That We Are Sinners”
September 2007

“Which Adam?”
June 2005

“From The East Gate”
August 1996

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